Bláithín Sweeney

RYT 200

Bláithín has been practicing Yoga regularly since 2000, having discovered Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga while in college in Galway. After graduating with a Ph. D in Organic Chemistry, she worked for many years in scientific research, all the while continuing to explore yoga. Over time, she felt called to go deeper and even consider yoga teaching. In 2012 she followed this call to India and completed teacher training in the Ashtanga Vinyasa system. She began teaching immediately and became known especially for her beach yoga classes in Sligo. Blaithín has always been passionate about getting outdoors and into nature, and she surfs the wild Atlantic waves throughout the year for her own enjoyment. So, it felt natural to weave these loves into her yoga teaching. Through her own business Your Wellbeing Warrior and as a member of the Adventure Sligo network she collaborates with other adventure providers to bring her yoga followers up mountains and across lakes to breath-taking outdoor yoga locations.  Not only is this connection with nature invigorating and inspiring, but also Blaithín finds outdoor yoga is a great way to introduce high energy adventurous souls to the benefits of the more relaxing pace of yoga and mindful practices. Since her initial teacher training, and in keeping with the natural curiosity of a scientist, Blaithín has continued to expand her yoga education, studying Yoga for Sports in Dublin, Yoga for Sleep Recovery in London and returning to India in recent years to complete Structural Awareness Training, a massage and body awareness system. This latter training qualifies her to provide individual body reading analysis and develop personalised programs for her clients. In Sept 2020, she completed a year of training in Subtle Body Anatomy with Veronica Larsson and looks forward to weaving that energetic wisdom into her current yoga and bodywork offerings.

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Blaithín founded and manages the mental health charity Havin’ a Laugh which provides life enhancing activities to people coming through mental health recovery. She has seen a steady increase in requests for Yoga and mindful practices from individuals and therapists as the benefits of these activities on personal mental health become more apparent. Extensive scientific research and reports from individuals with lived experience bears this out. 

The common theme in all Blaithin’s endeavours is her dedication to making Yoga and all wellbeing activities more accessible to everyone who might benefit from them, and she believes that includes all of us.  To explore outdoor adventure yoga and other in person yoga or bodywork with Bláithín, visit

Cathi Murphy


Originally from Sligo, Cathi returned to Ireland in 2016 after almost 20 years living in the US. Cathi came to yoga after various adventures in academia, having completed a B.A. and an M.A. at the National University of Ireland, Galway, then an M.A. and later an M.F.A. in Poetry and Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. While Cathi has always loved learning, these adventures in academia and the part time teaching she did while a postgraduate student herself did not actually sooth her wandering soul. It was not until she wandered into her first yoga class in 2008 that she found what she had been seeking; an experience that gathered together body heart and mind through movement, breath, song, story-telling and philosophy. She was immediately hooked, and soon embarked on immersions and trainings, graduating from her first teacher training in 2013. She began teaching yoga immediately as a volunteer at a day care center for people in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. It was an immediate wake up call to find out what exactly yoga can do to help people in real and meaningful ways. An avid student, Cathi has received over 800 hours of Yoga Alliance certified Teacher Training from her beloved teachers Katchie Ananda, Stacey Rosenberg, Judith Lasater, and Veronica Larsson. Additionally Cathi has specialised in the blending of yoga with mindfulness meditation through a year-long programme at Spirit Rock Meditation Centre in California under the direction of guiding teachers Anne Cushman, Phillip Moffitt and Will Kabat-Zinn. Cathi also was a dedicated student of Eugene Cash and Pamela Weiss at San Francisco Insight and completed a number of courses meditation and the dharma (the teachings of the Buddha) under their direction. More recently, Cathi has been studying and practicing the dharma on retreats with Stephen and Martine Batchelor and will begin an intensive course practice and study with them 2021.

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Since returning from California in 2016, Cathi has worked full time as a yoga and meditation teacher, setting up her own Mindfulness Based Yoga Studio, Yoga Home Sligo. Because her philosophy is that no one should be left out of what yoga has to offer, her studio had classes to cater to many people with their various needs; Mindful Yoga, Alignment Flow, Restorative Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, Chair Yoga, Teens Yoga, Kids yoga, Pregnancy yoga, and post-natal yoga.  Cathi has worked extensively with the HSE, Sligo County Council and other local businesses to bring yoga and mindfulness into the workplace. She has also provided services for the National Learning Network, Northwest Parents and Friends, and other similar organisations bringing benefits of yoga and mindfulness to people with special needs. As someone who has had her own struggles with mental health, having suffered from depression in her twenties, she is passionate about the possibilities of yoga and mindfulness as a support for those experiencing mental health challenges. 

Cathi is committed to meeting people where they are, physically, emotionally and financially and she truly believes that wherever you are in your life, yoga can inform, enliven and enhance your experience.  She is deeply grateful to her teachers and she feels that it is an honour to share the richness of their teachings with others. 

Upon request, Cathi works one-on-one with students on a variety of yoga based approaches to wellbeing such as as postural re-alignment and back care,  stress relief, sleep regulation and finding joy in re-connecting with the body. You can find out more about this through her website

Louise Waters


Louise began her professional career in wellness over 20 years ago, training first as an Aromatherapist, and then expanding her studies to qualify In Western Herbalism, Naturopathy, Pregnancy Massage & Reiki. Throughout this deepening education in natural therapies, Louise was supported by her love of and commitment to yoga practice. She began her yoga journey at Sligo Yoga Centre which is a dedicated Iyengar Yoga School. With deep appreciation of the wisdom of this system, she cultivated a long time Iyengar practice. Over time Louise felt called to explore other approaches and she felt particularly drawn to the powerful marriage of breath with movement in the Vinyasa Flow style. Eventually she travelled to India to complete teacher training in the  Vinyasa system and is certified through Green Lotus Yoga. In her teaching today, Louise blends the flow of the vinyasa system with the detailed attention to alignment she learned in the Iyengar system. More recently Louise has completed a year of study in Subtle Body Anatomy with Veronica Larsson, and is now integrating this deep body mind energy intelligence into her teaching. Additionally, Louise has completed specialised training as a Children’s Yoga teacher (The Elbow Room, Dublin) and in Pregnancy Yoga, (Yoga Mama, London) and soon will complete teacher training with Judith Lasater in Restorative Yoga. Louise is passionate about her teaching and is committed to sharing the tools and trainings that have benefited & supported her. Her classes encourage students to develop a fully embodied practice to enhance their own wellbeing, support their nervous systems and nourish the whole self.


In addition to her work at Anois Yoga, Louise is the owner of Louise Waters Natural Therapies and The Natural Therapies Centre, a beautiful yoga studio and treatment centre in Sligo town where she offers a variety of holistic treatments including  Reiki, Aromatherapy Massage, Maternity Treatments, Eminence Organic Facials & Private Yoga sessions. To learn more about Louise Waters Natural Therapies visit  

John Graham

John G. Coaching

John has worked one to one with countless clients helping them have more calm, more confidence & more happiness in their lives.  Rather than focusing  on ever changing thoughts and feelings his prime focus is helping them connect back to the ever present peace filled awareness most people forget about. Most of his work is corporate so its helping take the fluffyness out of something that can have a profound impact on performance.

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John doesn't  quote sanskrit  or buddha but instead focusses on a simple, practical approach to get his teachings across to as many  people as possible no  matter their previous experience.

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