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  • The Moving Home To Mindfulness Programme (Live & Recorded) with Cathi Murphy
  • Beginning Alignment Flow (Recorded) with Cathi Murphy
  • Introduction to Vinyasa Flow (Recorded) with Bláithín Sweeney
  • Anois Yoga Quickies (Recorded)  Classes from all three founding teachers.

Beginning Alignment Flow 4 Month Course with Cathi Murphy

Beginning Alignment Flow

In this course you will be introduced to the fundamentals of Alignment Flow Yoga, a style of hatha yoga that blends 

  • anatomical knowledge & precision
  • the power of dynamic breath-based movement
  • yoga philosophy as it applies to modern living

This combination cultivates not only a sustainable and transformative embodied awareness, but also a confidence in our own capacity to balance stability and mobility on the yoga mat. 

You can choose to move through the course according to one of our two recommended timetables for completion (either 4 month or 6 months) or choose to move entirely at your own pace, making the most of the full 12 months of access you will have to the course upon purchase.  

The Course features multiple video tutorials and one full length flow practice class per module, plus supporting PDFs. Your learning is enhanced by multiple interactive features built into the course platform allowing you to connect with teacher and interact other Beginning Yoga Flow participants. Additonally, the course features a monthly Live Zoom call for Q&A in real time. 

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Introduction to Vinyasa Flow 2 Month Course with Bláithín

Vinyasa Flow Course

Taking this Introductory course, you will learn about the core concepts of the vinyasa flow practice; breathwork and asana (postures), and how to move between postures using the breath.  

This Vinyasa Flow practice is rooted in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, a branch of the Hatha Yoga system. On this course Bláithín guides you step-by-step through the key concepts and postures of the vinyasa sequence and as such it is suitable for those with no previous Yoga experience. 

In addition she takes her knowledge of Structural Awareness Technique and Subtle Body Anatomy to provide further insights into the key aspects of the practice and how they can relate your body's specific needs. 

On completion of this course you will have the knowledge of the practice and the understanding of your body to start creating your own home practices 

5 Modules :: 11 Tutorials 


5 additional Bonus Sessions Expect 2-3 Months to complete, access to course 12 Months

Start Building Your Knowledge of Flow

Anois Yoga Quickies

The Yoga Quickies Package

9 Yoga Quickies to cover you for yoga; morning, noon and night! Classes ranging from 10-35 minutes, designed to energise, de-stress or unwind as you need.

With modern life as it is there are expectations to work efficiently, multi-task and manage all around you.  The additional expectation to be positive, courteous and also include self-care in your daily routine can just seem like added pressure. Yoga Quickies are the answer!

We've suggested times of day but any session can be taken at anytime.  Ideal for yoga at home or remote working.

There are three reasons  why Yoga Quickies are so potent.

The Quick Fix A Fix, even if a quickie, is still a fix, so take it!

Preventative Maintenance  A yoga quickie releases trapped tension as it builds.  

Long Term Health Benefits Regularly releasing stress from your body improves cardio-health, immune function, digestive function, cognitive function ... to name but a few.

If all you've got is 10 mins...take it, your future you will thank you.

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The Chair Yoga Collection

The Chair Yoga Collection

In these Chair Yoga classes, the intention is to connect with the body and the breath in a friendly and easeful way. We explore gentle movements, mobilising through the main joints, waking up what we call in yoga "the energy body" and promoting a healthy balance of vitality and relaxation.

The emphasis is on bringing a sense of physical and emotional nourishment and wholeness into your experience, so there's no need to push your limits or struggle. At the same time, we will endeavour to connect you with a sense of strength and confidence that will support you in your everyday activities. 

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