Benefits of Yoga

Stress Relief - Improved Sleep - Increase Wellbeing Amongst Employees - Reduced Absenteeism - Increased Productivity

The perfect Gift for your Employees

The Yoga-Quickies Collection

9 Yoga Quickies for morning, noon and night! Classes ranging from 10-35 minutes, designed to energise, de-stress or unwind as needed.

Highly functioning employees endeavor to work efficiently, multi-task and manage all aspects of life. However adding self-care into their daily routine can seem to most like added pressure. Yoga Quickies are the answer!

Ideal for yoga at home, at work or remote working. Yoga Quickies serve as preventative maintenance releasing work-stress as it builds up. This enhances energy renewal during time off and improves sleeping patterns thus improving overall work performance. 

  • 9 on-the-go practices ranging from 10min to 30min in  duration.
  • One-time purchase :: Lifetime Access.
  • Individual €65pp Group rates apply.

Custom Yoga Series

Yoga at Home and Workplace Chair Yoga

We create custom courses and series to suit the needs of your employees and workplace environment.  Classes can be floor based sessions or chair yoga and can range in duration from 15min breathwork practices to hour long classes. 

From the first session employees will notice the immediate calming effect of the practices.  Over the duration of a series or course the benefits of reduced stress reaction, improved sleep and enhanced cognitive function can be observed.

We understand the importance of providing a practice that employees will engage with and will benefit from. We have a range of styles and practices to choose from.

  • Avail of three teachers
  • Your choice of Yoga, Meditation and Mindful practices.
  • Suiting Beginners, improvers and experienced Yogi's.
  • Choose your time duration and number of classes.

Get in touch to discuss your needs and how we may support your wellbeing programs.

Embrace the Outdoors

Prepare Online for Outdoor Team Time

Indoor Group gatherings may not be an option for some time but there's no reason to not get your team together to build team connections  outdoors.  The outdoor excursions can be booked as a stand alone event but work very well as an incentive to encourage employees to engage in the wellbeing programs you have in place.  An online yoga series in the weeks leading up to the excursions or an online presentation on the benefits in advance of the experience can really enhance the sense of wellbeing achieved.

  • Build team spirit outdoors with Bláithín, our expert in outdoor yoga and wellbeing events.
  • Use the incentive of an outdoor team excursion to encourages engagement in your wellbeing programme. 
  • Use the online series to build confidence in wellbeing practices and prepare the team to embrace the outdoors

Individual Plans

All areas access for duration of your choice

Many who engage with Yoga will be happy to 'take-home' one or two practice and implement them in their own routine.   Others will wish to integrate an on-going yoga routine .  The option to provide them with all-area access to live classes and fresh weekly recordings through the Anois Yoga  platform will meet this need for those eager employees.  You can choose how long you wish to provide this offering for.

  • Follow through on introductory series with individual plans for interested employees.
  • Full Live Schedule access for duration of  choice (1 Week - 1 Year).
  • Access includes recordings of Live classes so people can practice whenever their NOW happens.
  • Standard Rate €40/month/per person. Group rates apply.

You can contact Bláithín to discuss which options might best suit your needs:

Let Your Wellbeing Journey Begin!