Subtle Body Yoga, why we do it!

'It’s not possible to touch on Subtle Body work and not personally evolve on some level.'

If you've been wondering what’s all this talk of the Subtle Body...or if you’ve not heard of it yet, there is no doubt you will hear us each talking of it more.  Although the three of us have connected many times over the years on charity and community projects it was on Subtle Body Anatomy training with our beloved teacher Veronica Larsson where the true bond of mischief formed. 

 It’s not possible to touch on Subtle Body work and not personally evolve on some level. We each individually realised an ability to continually transform, and through that transformation comes freedom and the confidence to try something new, to step into the unknown.  But the process involves bringing all the pieces of yourself back together first, this is the hard part, fully reabsorbing all the parts of yourself you might have wanted to leave behind, becoming whole, re-membering who you are. Then with that comes the freedom to just be.   

It’s also not possible to train in Subtle Body Anatomy and not start applying the practices in all your teachings, on and off the mat.  You can’t unknow once you have come to know.  And this is what we mean when we say you’ll hear us talk about it. It has re-shaped how we teach classes such as vinyasa, alignment and even restorative.  Not necessarily changing the original teachings but bringing deeper awareness to the energetic aspects of the practices.

If however you're looking for a full Subtle Body Flow you can tune in to, and tune-in with Louise on Friday mornings at 10am.

Louise & Subtle Body Flow

This is a mixed level 75min practice rooted in the deep intelligence of the Subtle Body with the flow provided through the rhythmic breath and movement of the vinyasa system. The intention of the class is to enable the student to develop a personal embodied awareness and a holistic approach to creating physical health, inner balance and peace.

‘I enjoy sharing tools which have profoundly helped me and have changed how i practice yoga. These practices have enabled me to connect with myself on a deeper level and ultimately change in a positive way how I interact with others and move through this world.’ Louise

As with all our classes, if you can’t make the live session, the recording is available 24/7 for 1 week after (for Moon Members), i.e. until the next session goes live.  Sun members get recordings for 1 month and access to all workshops.  Although we do love seeing you live we encourage you to practice whenever you get that itch, whenever you're NOW happens.

Don't forget to re-member yourself! ;-D

Love and Lightness, Bláithín, Cathi & Louise.

Trial Subtle Body Flow for 3 Weeks

Friday April 16th - Friday April 30th