Subtle Body Yoga, why we do it!

'It’s not possible to touch on Subtle Body work and not personally evolve on some level. (Posted March 2021)

If you've been wondering what's all this talk of the Subtle Body...or if you’ve not heard of it yet, there is no doubt you will hear us each talking of it more. Although we have connected many times over the years on various projects it was on Subtle Body Anatomy training with our beloved teacher Veronica Larsson where the true bond of mischief formed...

Afterthoughts with Bláithín

Thoughts that come through the mind during Savasana often have clarity and insight that is not always accessible during the distractions of daily life.

Each week I write up these thoughts and include them with the live class recordings. Here I share those themes that persist throughout the month.

The Lens of Yoga

Life off the Mat

Yoga has so much more to offer than just Asana. You will no doubt hear us share philosophy and yogic themes in each of our classes but we felt the need to honor this knowledge by giving it it's own space. The Lens of Yoga is a monthly community catch up where we explore these themes and invite you to join in. Here we give you an overview of the topics we cover...