Our 4 Week Courses Combines Live Online Tuition With Access Anytime Material. No prior yoga or meditation experience is needed for the level 1 Course.

Our Programme offers Level 1, 2 and 3 Courses. Each one blends Mindful Yoga, Formal Meditation Practice and powerful strategies for everyday mindfulness.  All designed to guide you Home to your natural state of Mindful Awareness in a gradual and sustainable way.

Level 1 | April 12th- May 3rd Getting Started: The Foundation of Mindfulness and Mindful Yoga

Level 2 | June 7th- June 28   Sustaining Everyday Mindfulness: Our Many Ways of Being

Level 3 | Aug 2nd - Aug 23rd Patience Possibility & Ordinary Enlightenment: How Human of We!

Level 2 & Level 3 Courses Will Be Available For Enrollment April 31st

Each 4 Week series can be taken as a stand-alone course. If taking all three there is  a cumulative journey with each one building on the teachings of the previous.  No prior yoga or meditation experience is needed for the level 1 course . Levels  2 and 3 courses allow students with an existing familiarity with mindfulness to deepen their practice.

Each Week 

  • Attend One Live Online Seminar: Mon 7-9pm.
  • Receive A Recorded Mindful Yoga Class (75 mins) which you can access anytime you wish.
  • Receive A Guided Meditation (30 mins) which you can access whenever you wish.
  • Additional Q&A sessions to support you while you progress

Live Seminar Includes:

  • An Introductory talk on the theme for the week
  • Exploratory movement and/or yoga practices
  • Guided Meditations (in various modes & postures)
  • Time for Questions/Reflections


All Live sessions will be recorded so you can catch them later if you miss one. Once Enrolled, the course is yours for 6 Months so you can revisit and explore all the material at your own pace. 

In Summary, Each Course Provides

  • 4 Short Talks Introducing Various Aspects of  Mindfulness
  • 4 Live Seminars Mondays 7-9pm
  • 4 Optional Q&A Monday 9pm -9:30pm
  • 4 Recorded Guided Meditations (30 mins)
  • 4 Recorded Guided Movement Practices (75 mins)

No Prior Yoga Experience is Required. The Course aims to use movement as a way into exploring mindfulness, so while those with an established yoga practice will likely enjoy applying the lens of mindfulness to their practice, beginning yoga students are welcome. Modifications and alternatives will always be offered because Cathi is passionate about meeting people where they are and bring mindfulness to people in ways that are authentic and accessible for all levels of practitioner.

Those who do already have yoga experience will find that these specific teachings of mindfulness shine new light on their yoga practice and offer a fresh perspective. They will benefit from the stress-relief and insights that arise from formal mindfulness meditation and applying these insights to their everyday lives.


Interconnection is a key teaching in the tradition of mindfulness and so we value that in this program. Happily, our online platform allows you to engage with your teacher and with other participants in the program anytime through online community space and class discussion forums.

If You Have Questions-Please Scroll To The Bottom To Review our FAQs

Level 1 LIVE Course Starting Soon!

Part 1 | Getting Started: The Foundation of Mindfulness & Mindful Yoga Mon April 12 - Mon May 3

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The Potent Combination Of Yoga And Mindfulness

has been Cathi's practice for some 10+ years and she has been specifically trained in this approach

Alongside Cathi's extensive training in Hatha Yoga (specifically in Alignment Flow and more recently Subtle Body Yoga, and Ayurvedic Yoga) Cathi trained at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in California. The teacher Training there pioneered this blend of mindful movement and meditation and was directed by Anne Cushman, Phillip Moffit and Will Kabat-Zinn. Throughout the courses, there will be reference to Anne's excellent book “Moving Into Meditation: A 12 Week Mindfulness Program for Yoga Practitioners,” so the book is recommended reading alongside our explorations, but by no means required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on any question to view the answer

  • Can I still enroll in a course even after the starting date has passed?

    Yes! All live classes will be recorded and so you can join anytime and catch up on what you missed at your convenience

  • What if I have missed the Live Course dates completely but I am still interested in the course topics and material--do I have to wait for the next LIVE course or can I still enroll and get all the content?

    Yes you can still enroll and get all the content! The LIVE courses run at specific times and will be offered periodically, but after the LIVE dates end (and even during) you can still enroll in the course of your choice. Because all the LIVE sessions are recorded, you can access all the sessions in your own time and you can still use the online interactive features to communicate with other participants and the teacher. Because you also get the recordings of the Q&As, many of the questions that come up for you as you work at your own pace through the classes may have been addressed in these recorded Q&A sessions, but you can also email the teacher with your particular questions.

  • Can I enroll in a level 2 or 3 course if I have not done level 1?

    Yes! Participants can choose which level(s) are relevant for them given their level of practice and experience with mindfulness. It is not advisable to join levels 2 or 3 unless you have some experience of mindfulness (either mindful yoga or meditation centred on body and/or breath). While we'd love you to take our level 1 foundations course, it's not necessary and so long as you have had some basic mindfulness experience elsewhere. you'll benefit from our courses for levels 2 and 3.

  • I have not done much mindfulness practice but I have done lots of yoga practice--will I really learn anything new on this course?

    Yes! While traditionally, the quality of mindful awareness is to be brought into any yoga practice, as yoga came to the west, the asana practice (postures and movement) is typically what has been emphasised and often the mindfulness teachings are de-emphasised or left out. This course will emphasise those teachings and for many this brings a whole new dimension to their yoga practice. And while this is not a "buddhist" course, mindfulness comes from the teachings of Siddartha Gotama, known as The Buddha, and so we'll be exploring these teachings as a framework for practical philosophy and a basis for living in a wise, ethical and fully embodied way. Some of these teachings overlap with yoga, and some differ but often these wisdom and ethical teachings have been left out of modern western yoga, so you may discover a whole new area for exploration.

  • I have done meditation before, although not mindfulness meditation--is it really that different?

    Meditation is like sport-just as there are many different sports (football, tennis, running, basketball), there are many ways to meditate. For example, some traditions have visualisation, or invite you into one-pointed concentration. This course will teach the from the perspective of Insight Meditation, A Modern Secular Buddhist approach to the Satipattana Sutta. This approach works with what are called the four foundations of mindfulness and while in practice all four are involved in our meditation, it's helpful to approach them one at a time while learning the meditation practice and explore the aspects of each foundation so that you progress sustainably and with confidence. Level 1 will focus on mindfulness of body and breath. Level 2 will explore standing and walking meditation as well as mindfulness of Vedana or "feeling Tone". Level 3 will explore mindfulness of mind states (thoughts and emotions) and the overall framework of what is called "the dharma" or what holds things together. Level 3 will also specifically explore the Brahma Viharas or The Divine Abodes of Loving Kindness, Compassion, Sympathetic Joy and Equanimity.

If You Have Further Questions, Please Get In Touch