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Loyal for Life : Befriending Downward Facing Dog

A happy dog is a joy to behold, the basic friendliness with life evident and inspiring. A happy Downward Facing Dog is a joy to embody and invites us in to a similar basic friendliness with our own experience and literally can have profound effects on our inspiration, our breath!

In this workshop, we will investigate the many facets of the Downward Facing Dog; the why (benefits), and the how (key things to focus on to reap those benefits). We look at growing the pose from scratch, gradually refining and adding playful variations.

Pranayama : Befriending and Liberating the Beloved Breath

In yoga we use the word Prana to refer to the life force, the mysterious power that animates us from our emergence in the womb, through our birth, until the moment of our death. While Prana is not simply the breath, the breath is often the clearest and most direct pathway into exploring a relationship with Prana. Collectively, we refer to the very focused yoga techniques of engaging and shaping the breath for particular effects as pranayama.

Despite its awesome power, the movement and potential of Prana can become blocked in us because of all kinds of patterns of holding or "stuck spots" that we develop in in our bodymind, largely as unconscious defence mechanisms to the challenges of life. The focused movement and awareness practices of yoga are an excellent way to attend closely to the body and the breath and therefore the Prana; we can befriend it, and gradually liberate it from the stuck spots and holding patterns and allow it to fulfil its potential, which is to nourish and cleanse, to empower and delight, to connect us with the mysteries of creation and dissolution. 

Abiding in Radiance : Moving and Meditation

The teaching of the Radiant Abodes is shared by both the yoga and Buddhist traditions. The Radiant Abodes are said to be the states of body mind and heart in which we naturally dwell when awakened. These states are; Lovingkindness (Metta), Compassion (Karuna), Joy (Mudita), and Equanimity (Upekka).

The formal practice of the Radiant Abodes is a practice of repetition; we use short phrases to incline the mind towards the quality we are hoping to get in touch with. We start by offering the seeds of this intention inwards, and then gradually we move outwards to include benefactors, dear friends, difficult people and eventually all beings. It can be a challenging practice, but there are many ways to cultivate the seeds of lovingkindness and with patience, we gradually watch our efforts blossom and bear fruit. The idea is that we kindle the inner fire of Love, Compassion, Joy or Wisdom and that as we tend diligently to that inner fire, it naturally radiates out in all direction, just like an actual fire.

Moving into Mindfulness

The intention for this workshop is to introduce formal mindfulness meditation practices in a way that is accessible and relatable. In order that this wisdom be fully embodied, we use the techniques of hatha yoga to open the body and breath to the possibility of liberation from both conscious and unconscious tightness and tension.

To the degree that we are able, we use yoga postures and movements to investigate the mindfulness teachings in and through the body and breath. We discover that an expectation of or desire for perfection in poses or leads to a sense of dissatisfaction and self-critique, as does the idea that we “achieve” the immediate results we think we should feel. So, we invite a letting go of such demands and instead look to cultivate a sense of interest and friendly curiosity towards patterns of holding and release in the breath and patterns of felt sensation in the body. We then explore the relationship between these patterns of body and breath to patterns of thought and feeling in the mind heart.

These exploration will take place in both moving meditations and in stillness. The stillness will be a mixture of restorative yoga poses and formal seated, standing and lying down meditation.

Rituals of Refuge and Reflection

You will learn about some of the lesser practiced aspects of yoga as it has become popular in the west in modern times; meaning chanting and storytelling from the yoga mythology. We'll reflect on the wisdom within these myths and see how they relate to the more familiar aspects of yoga like breathing exercise and yoga poses. This is explored in the context of refuge and ritual and what these words mean and how they apply to yoga in our modern world.

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    Loyal For Life : Befriending Downward Facing Dog with Cathi 2.5hrs

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    Pranayama: Befriending and Liberating the Beloved Breath with Cathi 2.5hrs

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    Abiding in Radiance : Moving and Meditating with Cathi 3hrs

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    Moving into Mindfulness with Cathi 2hrs

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    Rituals of Refuge and Reflection with Cathi

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