Workshops Included

Inhale/Exhale : A Beginner Friendly Workshop

While it is sometimes assumed that workshops are for people who are more experienced, this workshop is about providing a full and rich experience for those closer to the beginning of their yoga explorations. It’s about being able to journey amiably through the teachings at a pace that allows you absorb new information whilst also being fully ‘in’ the practice.

 The foundation of a vinyasa practice is in coming into awareness with how your body feels on an inhale and how it feels on an exhale. In this workshop, you will be guided through conscious-breath exercises that serve to establish the body-mind connection.  Movement is added with compassionate progression, and you will learn the benefits of the practice with a sprinkling of science as we flow.  

The Elements of Yoga

The intention for this workshop is to introduce you to 7 elements, key ways to approach a yoga practice. Learn about the themes and aspirations that are used to enhance yoga practice so that any class you attend becomes the best class of your life. The teachings of Yoga do not belong to the teacher, the teachings are merely being passed on, for you to use to benefit your mind and your body.   This workshop gives you the tools you need to make each practice your very own favourite practice.

This workshop is suitable for both beginners and those looking to develop their teaching practice. You will learn how stress is released through the breath, how to ground yourself and what ‘grounding yourself’ actually means. On a physical level you will gain a better understanding of the mechanics of your hips and how to enhance your hips range of motion.  You will learn which postures aid digestion and boost metabolism and how to facilitate the heart and lungs to function more efficiently.

Heartlines : Guiding You Gently into Backbends

This workshop brings into our awareness how our entire bodies are affected by experiences of the heart and how the environment of the heart occupies is affected by the entire body.  

Through this guided flowing practice you will be taken on a journey through your own body, recognising patterns of holding with the intention to gain understanding, which is the root of all release.  

With the lines to the heart open, the space at the heart centre can expand and experience its wonder with a fullness that feels safe and protected.  The practice will leave you with a calm sense of lightness and perhaps a greater inclination towards compassion and patience with yourself.

Yoga for Sleep Recovery

This workshop is suitable for anyone who has difficulty sleeping or difficulty waking.  A Yoga approach to sustaining healthy sleep patterns to restore your rest and enliven your days.   You will be guided through a yoga sequence specific to achieving a restful state and preparing the body for sleep.  You will learn the effect each asanas is having on your physiology and nervous system.  You will be introduced to a Yoga-Caffeine fix, a healthy way to boost your focus after having a poor night’s sleep. And you will gain an insight into what activities or habits you have during waking hours that carry with you, and possibly disrupt, your sleep time.  

Calming the Nervous System

This workshop is a presentation on the workings of your Nervous system brought to you Bláithín whose background in science causes her to forever delve deeper in to the how and why yoga works.

Since completing training in the Minded Institute in London Bláithín has further developed her understanding of the workings of the Nervous System and how Yoga and breathwork specifically influence the peripheral nervous system.

In this workshop she guides you through a presentation that breaks down the complex functions of the nervous system. In this way making it easy to comprehend and apply the understanding to your own life.  She then guides you through some simple practices combined with nervous system visualisations that enhance the positive effects of the practice.

From this Workshop you will gain:

  • An understanding of the workings of your Nervous System
  • Learn how stress in the nervous system affects you physically, emotionally and mentally
  • Identify the causes of stress to your nervous system
  • Learn how to break the stress cycle using Yoga and Breathwork.
  • Understand the Benefits of Parasympathetic State and finding healthy balance
  • Take away a Quick Reference Guide PDF: How to know what practice will work best depending on your mood or circumstance.

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    Inhale/Exhale : A Beginner Friendly Workshop with Bláithín 2hrs

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    The Elements of Yoga with Bláithín 2.5hrs

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    Heartlines : Guiding you gently into Backbends with Bláithín 2hrs

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    Yoga for Sleep Recovery with Bláithín 2hrs

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  • 5

    Calming the Nervous System with Blaithín

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  • 6

    A Symphony for Your Cells : Science of Wellbeing Workshop (2hrs)

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