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Yoga For Sleep Recovery

Reclaim Your The Rest Of Your Life

This workshop is suitable for anyone who has difficulty sleeping or difficulty waking. A Yoga approach to sustaining healthy sleep patterns to restore your rest and enliven your days. You will be guided through a yoga sequence specific to achieving a restful state and preparing the body for sleep. You will learn the effect each asanas is having on your physiology and nervous system. You will be introduced to a Yoga-Caffein fix, a healthy way to boost your focus after having a poor nights sleep. And you will gain an insight into what activities or habits you have during waking hours that carry with you, and possibly disrupt, your sleep time.

Having trained in Sleep Recovery with Lisa Sanfilippo in London I am delighted to now be able to bring you this workshop, it also provides an introduction to the full 5 Week Sleep Recovery Course I will be rolling out in the new year. Lisa Sanfilippo is an amazing dedicated Yoga Teacher Trainer, Psychotherapist and Sleep Expert, I am honored to have been able to attend her training in London in recent years. I hope these practices bring to you the rest and revival they have brought to so many others.

Suitable For: Suitable for Complete beginner with no Yoga experience required.

Props Needed: Strap, 2 Blocks, 1 Bolster, 2 Blankets.

Workshop Contents

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    Yoga For Sleep Recovery with Bláithín

    • 1. What to Expect and What You'll Need

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    Yoga for Sleep Recovery :: Additional Recordings and Further Resources

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