Rituals and Reflection: Embodying Sacred Sound & Wisdom Stories

Cathi Murphy, one of Anois Yoga’s founding teachers shares her knowledge and intuitive understanding of Yoga mythology and philosophy to explore the transformative power of Ritual as applied to modern living.

What does ritual mean and do you know what rituals you already have in your life? What is really meant when referring to something as sacred?

In this workshop you will explore these questions through aspects that are less often explored, such as the mythology, philosophy and sacred sound. You do not need to arrive with former knowledge of any of the aspects touched on in this workshop; everyone is welcome and it is suitable for all levels including absolute beginners. 

More detail on the aspects to be explored:


  • Yoga Philosophy and Wisdom Stories: What Has philosophy got to do with how a typical yoga class is structured? How do we embody philosophical ideas and how do they apply to my life off the yoga mat? We’ll learn a little about the philosophy of the Maha Bhutas (the Great Elements; earth, water, fire, air and space), their connection to the Chakras (energy centres in the body), and we’ll tell some stories from yoga mythology that help to make these teachings more relatable. This aspect of our workshop grounds us in intention and so is connected to the earth.


  • Ritual & Sacred Sound: We’ll explore what we mean by ritual practice, what makes something sacred or not, and how sound fits into that from the point of view of Tantric yoga.  These are words that sometimes put us off because we think we need to “believe” in something outside or separate from ourselves, but it’s actually precisely the opposite; we’ll use ritual and sacred sound to know our own experience more fully and specifically, and to feel into our connection with the great elements of life within us and all around us, in a way that is both personal and universal. This aspect of the workshop is connected to water and the flow and give and take of our inner and outer relationships.

  • Meditation: These practices of supported stillness and silence are both intensely cleansing and nourishing, both allowing for an emptying (making space) and a replenishing (transforming and renewing the space. This aspect of the practice connects with the space element and seeks to open us up to the possibility for resilience, wisdom and compassion within.  We’ve got what it takes if we can just slow down and look inside!


  • Reflection: At the end of our practice, we consciously reflect on the shifts that occur, what we have discovered through the various modes of practice and what wish to carry forth into our lives and how to share the fruits of our practice into the world. This may involve journaling, or it may simply be an inner inscription. But whether it’s clarified in an inner or outer way, we want to realize (make real) something about our experience and see how it may be of benefit in a meaningful way in our everyday lives.

You will receive a selection of bonus recordings to supplement the workshop;

  1. Ganesha Mythology (storytime! review of two told at workshop and one new one!) 30 Mins
  2. Ganesha Invocation Chanting Practice 15 mins
  3. Yoga Asana (Postural and Movement) Practice to embody the themes explored in the workshop 35 minutes


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