Opening the Heartlines

This workshop brings into our awareness how our entire bodies are affected by experiences of the heart and how the environment of the heart occupies is affected by the entire body.  

Through this guided flowing practice you will be taken on a journey through your own body, recognising patterns of holding with the intention to gain understanding, which is the root of all release.  

Grounding through the root chakra sets the foundations to freely and safely explore the lines into the heart.  We say hello and provide some nourishment to the Psoas muscle system, a muscle group responsible for postural alignment and structural mobility. With foundations in place and mobility facilitated we can then take a dive deep into the heart.  

I will share aspects of subtle body anatomy, heart meridians and the nervous system to enhance your understanding of the movement as we flow.  With the lines to the heart open, the space at the heart centre can expand and experience its wonder with a fullness that feels safe and protected.  The practice will leave you with a calm sense of lightness and perhaps a greater inclination towards compassion and patience with yourself.

Suitable for: A workshop suitable for those with some Yoga experience or an ability to regulate the inner competitor as challenging postures will be offered but may not be accessible to all.  Although it will release dull achiness in the lower back it is NOT suitable for anyone with chronic or acute back pain.  If you have any concerns with your suitability for this workshop please do get in touch and I’ll happily talk you through it.


2 Blocks, A bolster, 3 blankets

Align Your Heart to Open

Access 1 Week or 1 Month

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    Heartlines: Guiding you safely into Backbends

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