Workshop Description

A happy dog is a joy to behold, the basic friendliness with life evident and inspiring. A happy Downward Facing Dog is a joy to embody and invites us in to a similar basic friendliness with our own experience and literally can have profound effects on our inspiration, our breath!

In this workshop, we will investigate the many facets of the Downward Facing Dog; the why (benefits), and the how (key things to focus on to reap those benefits). We look at growing the pose from scratch, gradually refining and adding playful variations.

Using a music metaphor, we'll explore how the various instrumental parts of the body are invited to come together to orchestrate this hugely beneficial expression of the music of body, breath and gravity, and we'll look at specific ways to prepare those instrumental parts to come together more harmoniously, more happily! 

We'll introduce modifications for newer yoga students and/or those with injury or vulnerability in wrists/shoulders/low back so that everyone has access to the pose and it's salutary effects on the whole body mind experience.

We'll experience the different ways Downward dog can appear in a yoga class, as a stand alone pose with and without props to support and refine, and as part of a "vinyasa" (placing poses in a special sequential relationship and flowing from one to another with the timing of the breath). And we'll play with variations that excite and enliven our inner doggies and get our tails wagging. Our aspiration is to cultivate a genuine friendship with and appreciation of this posture so that it can loyally serve us as we walk our yoga path together.

Befriend your Downward Dog

Access for 1 Week or 1 month

Workshop Contents

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    Loyal For Life: Befriending Downward Facing Dog

    • 1. What to Expect & What You'll Need

    • How to make Your own Props


    • 3. Further Resources