Inhale Exhale: A Beginner Friendly Workshop

While it is sometimes assumed that workshops are for people who are more experienced, this workshop is about providing a full and rich experience for those closer to the beginning of their yoga explorations. It’s about being able to journey amiably through the teachings at a pace that allows you absorb new information whilst also being fully ‘in’ the practice.

The foundation of a vinyasa practice is in coming into awareness with how your body feels on an inhale and how it feels on an exhale. In this workshop, you will be guided through conscious-breath exercises that serve to establish the body-mind connection.  Movement is added with compassionate progression, and you will learn the benefits of the practice with a sprinkling of science as we flow.  

We’ll explore familiar phrases in a bit more depth, removing assumptions of former knowledge and ask simple questions like, what does grounding yourself actually mean? How do you ‘feel it to heal it’ and what are the benefits of stoking a ‘fire in your belly’.  

‘Knowledge comes from learning. Wisdom comes from living’ 

~ Anthony Douglas Williams

Viewing knowledge and wisdom as interweaving paths we aim to gain a sense of why we practice, while we practice. And in the course of learning through this 2 hr gently guided practice, we'll discover that the body also has a wisdom of its own.

This workshops is suitable for every body and no previous yoga experience required.  

Find your foundation in your breath

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    Inhale Exhale: A Beginner's Friendly Vinyasa Workshop with Bláithín

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