Ground Down, Root & Release

Working with the wisdom of the Subtle body in this workshop, we will explore Apana Vayu which one of the 5 Vayus . The 5 Vayus (5 winds)  are associated with wind (energy) movement in the body. When these 5 winds are in balance it enables things of creation in our bodies to move in a smooth orderly fashion.

Apana Vayu movement is downwards. It circulates below the waist and into the lower abdomen. It governs the organs of excretion and reproduction and when this wind is weak due to imbalanced lifestyle it can cause major health problems. As we are also a culture that is constantly oriented outwards, upwards and literally “in our heads,” Apana Vayu also assists us in feeling grounded and connected to the earth.

During this work shop we will move through a sequence of postures to ground down, root us to the earth. We will move, breathe, and restore and release our bodies and offer an opportunity reconnect with our own groundedness.

Duration: 2 hours

Suitable for all Levels

What You'll Need 

Props :
1 Chair
2 Yoga Bolsters
3 Blankets

1 Eye pillow/ Scarf
2 Hand towels
1 Bath towel
2 Cushions/ pillow

A Great grounding release awaits

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    Apana Vaya | Ground Down Root and Release

    • 1. What to Expect & What You'll Need

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