Workbreak Chair yoga

This is a 25min breathwork and movement practice followed by a 10min meditation if you have the time to stay on:-)  

With modern life as it is there can be a pressure to work efficiently, multi-task and manage all around. The additional expectation to be positive, capable and include self-care in your daily routine can be perceived as added pressure. A Quick Chair Yoga session can provide the perfect solution and here's why...

Science has proven that work related stress does get trapped in the body causing achiness, stiff joints, headaches and blood pressure issues etc. The good news is that science is also starting to reveal that regular stress relieving practices such as yoga meditation and breathwork can release the stress that builds up.  Gentle but effective movement practiced often proving to be more beneficial than irregular exertive exercise.  

In this session we will start with a 5min breathwork practice that delivers calm to the nervous system and transitions the body into a state that is ready and able to release tension.  

We then move through simple but effective join and muscle movements that enhance and increase mobility. Release muscle tension and aid overall hydration of the bodies tissues.

We take 3 min at the end to allow for integration. During this time the flow of communication through the nervous system is altered and your system gets to absorb the benefits of the breathwork and movement practices.

De-Stress at your Desk

4 Recordings to choose from, try each one or repeat your favorites as often as you wish.