The Science of Wellbeing Workshops

Taking a leap from the tips our nerves to the surface of our cells, in this space Yoga, Breathwork and Sensory practices generate a symphony of good vibrations that help our membranes remember how to dance.

ONLINE: The Symphony of Your Cells 12pm - 2pm

In this Workshop I will present my recent discoveries of what happens in our bodies, on a cellular level, in response to our wellbeing practices.  

For those who have attended the 'Yoga for the Nervous System' workshop you will find some of the material familiar giving you good a spring board to bounce from.  In this Workshop we'll briefly visit the nervous system then diving off the edge of our nerves we'll hitch a ride with the chemical messengers in our body, our Molecules of Emotion.  This presentation is inspired primarily by the books, Molecules of Emotion, by Candace Pert, 'The Biology of Belief' by Bruce Lipton and 'The Subtle Body' text book compiled by Cindi Dale.  

  • We'll start with a Breath tune in and then an explanation of what happens in our nervous system when we consciously breath. 
  • We'll then progress deeper into cellular activity and what happens when we feel. This is a detailed portion of the presentation but does not require you to memorise.  The purpose is to provide you with a visual aid for what is happening in your body on a cellular level.
  • We then conclude with gentle Subtle Body practice and a guided Visualisation Meditation taking you inward to the surface of your cells where the real magic is happening.

Prepare a cosy space in your home. Roll out a mat and have bolsters (Or cushions) and blankets to hand. All are welcome, no previous experience required.

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Take time to teach your cells to dance.

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Background: 'In the completion of my second year, Foundation Level 2, of Subtle Body Anatomy with Veronica Larrson, my personal project was a presentation of a summary of the books I had been reading by experts in the merging field of science and spirituality.  On this journey I have managed to grasp a number of concepts that were once elusive to me and have been able to apply these new insights to familiar practices achieving even better results.  This study of the physical sciences is so exciting to me, having studies synthetic organic chemistry to Ph.D. level I somtimes miss geeking out on it.   Now my inner nerd gets giddy when studying science of how we connect to our own bodies, to nature and to those around us.   

To summarise it's an exploration of Positive Vibes, how we give them out and how we receive them.  I'm looking forward to sharing this work with a rhythm that flows from understanding to practice to understanding more...'

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