Sun Salutations in Alignment Flow

Style of Yoga: Alignment Flow Workshop

Duration: The Introduction is 15mins. The Practice is 2 hours ( including 15 minute rest at the end)

Theme: "It matters that you notice, it matters that you let life move through you" ~ from Hokusai Says by Roger Keyes

Props Needed for Main Practice: Yoga mat, 2 Yoga blocks (to sit on, and/or to bring the earth to you if needed), 1 blanket* to comfort knees and/or keep back warm lying down (a big fluffy towel could substitute for a blanket here)

Props* Needed for Savasana (resting pose) 2/3 additional blankets*, bolster or 2 cushions or pillows, optional eye covering/eye bag

Salute the Sun and Flow

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    Alignment Flow with Cathi

    • 1. What to Expect & What You'll Need

    • 2. Introduction: What is Alignment Flow

    • 3. The Practice

    • 4. Poem: Hokusai Says by Roger Keyes