Subtle Body Flow

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Subtle Body Flow practice is a mixed level practice that draws from the combination of the Rhythmic breath and movement of the vinyasa system with the deep intelligence of the Subtle Body practice. Within these classes we will cultivate a practice that increases suppleness and fluidity of the body while allowing you to tap into their inner steadiness and strength , a resource  that is available to us at all times.

These classes are designed to support our bodies and subtle body systems in accordance to the laws of nature and the cyclical movement of the seasons to support our health and well being as we move through the year. The intention of the classes is to enable you to develop a personal embodied awareness to assist in a holistic approach to creating physical health,  inner  balance and peace.

This class is mixed level, with modifications offered so each student can honor their individual needs on the day.

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First Class goes Live Friday 1st October 10am.  

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Meet Louise

Co-Founder and Lead Teacher

Louise Waters

On Our Live Schedule, Louise teaches Subtle Body Flow and Restorative Yoga. She offers courses and workshops in a variety of other areas. Read Louise's full bio below