Power Flow and De-stress Collection

8 Recorded Practices Available for 6 Months

These Power Flow Sessions are designed to greet heat in the body.  Based in the foundations of the Ashtanga Vinyasa style of practice there is also the influence of Subtle Body training and Structural Awareness techniques.  Power flow can be fast paced or intense grace, either way the practice is built to meet you on your feet and burn away stress for a deep release.

In this class I am teaching how to move in rhythm with the breath. Teaching how to use the breath to build heat in the flow of the practice and to make each breath a miniature workout for the body.

I enjoy sharing how even the simplest of moves can be made powerful when executed with focused breath awareness. I enjoy sharing fun repeating sequences that further build that heat and empowers the body release tension and find renewed activation.

Ideal for the student looking for a way to burn stress out of the body and finish feeling energised and revitalised.  With continued practice of this Yoga the student will discover new strength and enhanced balance and agility.

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  • 1

    Power Preparations

    • 1. What to Expect and What You'll Need

    • 2. How to Clear Your Space

    • 3. Prepare Yourself for Rest

  • 2

    Powerfully De-Stress Your Hips

    • Session 1 :: Starts in Standing :: Foundations for Hips Release

    • Session 2 :: Starts in Standing :: Deep Hip Release

    • Session 3 :: Starts in Standing :: Hips and Side Body

    • Session 4 :: Starts in Childs Pose :: Hips, Shoulders and Side Body

  • 3

    Many More Ways to De-stress

    • Session 1 :: Start From Standing :: Twists for Squeeze and Release

    • Session 2 :: Starts in Standing :: Foundations for Balance and Flow.

    • Session 3 :: Starting in Standing :: Arm and Leg Balances

    • Session 4 :: Starting in Standing :: Foundations for Backbends - Finishing in Wheel

  • 4

    BONUS TRACKS: A Taste of Yoga-Rhythms

    • Yoga-Rhythms 1 :: Starts in Childs Pose :: Hip Flexors, Balance & Focus

    • Yoga Rhythms 2 :: Starts in Standing :: Hips, Core and Balance

    • Yoga Rhythms 3 :: Starts in Standing :: Core Activation

Meet Bláithín

Co-Founder and Lead Teacher

Bláithín Sweeney

On Our Live Schedule, Bláithín teaches both Gentle and Dynamic Vinyasa Flow. She offers courses and workshops in a variety of other areas. More about Bláithín below.