Mindfulness Meditation

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A guided practice that will gradually touch into moments of stillness and silence. Continued guidance helps you maintain a mindful and friendly sense of presence from moment to moment. The gentle reminders throughout serve to prevent you from slipping into too much thought activity or too much sleepiness. They support you in finding a balance of effort and ease, so that you can be attentive without being on the alert and relaxed without being spaced out. We call this awake! 


Even though mindfulness meditation comes from the buddhist tradition, you most definitely do not have to be a buddhist to do practice mindfulness.  I (Cathi) do not consider myself a buddhist but am nevertheless committed to the profound value of the teachings offered by Siddartha Gotama, the man who was called “Buddha”. The word "buddha" means, "the one who is awake"! He suggested that we can all wake up! Meaning, we can all wake up to the fullest capacity of our innate human capacity for love, compassion, joy and wisdom.


There is a whole body of teaching about how we might try to find this awakeness and maintain a regular sense of connection to that awake state, and much of it is eminently practical and accessible. In this class, there is no dogma (things you must believe in or accept), there are only suggestions of things for you to explore and try out for yourself with regard to the following


  1. Observing habits and patterns of mind, seeing which ones cause us suffering and which bring us towards ease and peace (awakening to the patterns of suffering)

  2. Ways to train the mind to find new patterns that discontinues and dissolves the movement towards suffering and continues and enhances the movement towards ease and peace (awakening to our capacity to engage skilfully with the patterns to bring change and release from suffering).

In this way, mindfulness meditation draws on the practical teachings of the Buddha but is not at all about being a buddhist, but rather become yourself a buddha,  ones who is awake to the full potential of their human nature.

All levels are welcome, regular meditators and absolute beginners. We will typically practice seated meditation but occasionally might explore the other poses (laying down, standing, walking).   

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