Mindful Yoga Flow

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Mindful Yoga weaves together of the teachings of hatha yoga and the wisdom of the mindfulness tradition. The practice is about using the experience of yoga movement and breath techniques to observe the patterns of mind and body. 

When we practice observing these patterns we can see our tendency to ‘react’ to our experiences, impulsively and often in ways that we may regret.

By cultivating steady self-awareness, we can orient ourselves towards a new pattern, a pattern consciously chosen in response.

On our mats we use the body and breath to literally feel into our existing patterns. We then use the body and breath to assist us in finding space.  Developing an ability on the mat to see other possibilities and make new conscious choices, an ability that translates to life off the mat..

Each week there will be some combination of gentle movement, conscious breath work, restorative Yoga and mindfulness meditation. Suitable for everybody

These classes are mixed level, with modifications offered so each student can honor their individual needs on the day

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Meet Cathi


Cathi Murphy

On Our Live Schedule, Cathi teaches Mindful Yoga and Meditation, and Alignment Flow. She offers courses and workshops in a variety of other areas. Read Cathi's full bio below