Mindfulness Meditation and Mindful Yoga : Rediscovering Body & Breath (Level 1 | Foundations)

Mon April 12th- Mon May 3rd

This course is designed to bring you home to your natural capacity for mindful awareness. While there is a "mindfulness muscle" to develop and a corresponding formal practice, this course aims to show that mindfulness is very ordinary, everyone can do it and it can be brought into your everyday life. As we adopt this "nothing special mindfulness", we find we have opportunities for choices that lead to a more integrated, ethical, and ultimately, a happier way of living.

The focus for the First Foundation of Mindfulness is arriving and settling into the body and breath and this will be approached through movement, restorative yoga & meditation.

Whether new to yoga or an experienced yoga practitioner, mindfulness brings a potent perspective to our experience of our body mind connection. Beginning yogis will discover that meditating on their bodies and breath is, literally, not what they think. Instead it's a visceral experience and readily accessible. 

Those who do already have yoga experience will find that mindfulness shines a new light on their relationship with their body and breath and offers a fresh perspective. All will benefit from the stress-relief and insights that arise from formal mindfulness meditation and applying these insights to their everyday lives.

Through the course, modifications of yoga poses and movements as well as alternative meditation postures will be offered so that each person can meet themselves where they are and feel empowered to explore their own authentic practice

  • Week 1: Rediscovering the body
  • Week 2: Re-membering movement
  • Week 3: Meeting your breath as you are
  • Week 4: Conscious commitment to breath


Each Week: 

  • Attend one live Online Seminar on Mondays 7-9pm.
  • Receive a recorded Mindful Yoga class (75 mins) 
  • Receive a Guided Meditation (30 mins)
  • Attend additional Q & A sessions to support your progression.

 Seminars Include:

  • An Introductory Talk on the theme for the week
  • Exploratory Movement and/or yoga practices
  • Guided Meditations (in various modes & postures)
  • Time for Questions & Reflections


All Live sessions are recorded so you can catch them later if you miss one. Once Enrolled, the course is yours for 6 months so you can revisit and explore the content at your own pace.

Community and Connection

Interconnection is a key teaching in the tradition of mindfulness and so we value that in this program. Happily, our online platform allows you to engage with your teacher and with other participants in the program anytime through online community space and class discussion forums.

Move Home to Mindfulness

Level 1 : Access Anytime Recorded Course

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Course curriculum

Once enrolled you can access live classes and recordings all in one place. Log in to your account, click on 'my dashboard' and find all content as below in your MHM Level 1 Course Card.

  • 2

    Module/Week 1: Rediscovering The Body

    • 1.01 Recording of Seminar Monday April 12th

    • 1.02 Mindful Yoga Class Tuesday April 13th "A Sensational Homecoming"

    • 1.03 Guided Mindfulness Meditation "Coming To Our Senses"

    • 1.04 SLIDES mhm level 1 week 1.pdf

    • 1.05 Additional Materials: Poetry From Week One

    • 1.06 Additional Material: The Body Mind Matrix. Excerpt From Anne Cushman's Book "Moving Into Meditation"

    • 1.07 Additional Material: Arising & Passing in The Body; Excerpt From Anne Cushman's Book "Moving Into Meditation"

  • 3

    Module/Week 2: Re-Membering Movement

    • 2.01 Monday April 19th Seminar and Q&A Recordings

    • 2.02 Tuesday April 20th Mindful Yoga Class Recording

    • 2.03 Tuesday April 20th Guided Mindfulness Meditation Recording

    • 2.04 Slides From Week 2

    • 2. 05 Guided Meditation: Consciously Moving Attention Before Settling Into One Anchor: 18 mins

    • 2.07 Additional Materials: Poetry

  • 4

    Module/Week 3: Meeting Your Breath

    • 3.01 MONDAY APRIL 26th Recordings of Seminar & Q&A

    • 3.02 Access To Live Class | Link to Mindful Yoga Class Recording

    • 3.03 Access to Live Class | Link to Guided Mindfulness Meditation Recording

    • 3.04 Slides From Week 3

    • 3.05 Additional Materials: Ajahm Brahm on Mindfulness & Kindfulness

    • 3.06 Guided Audio Practice: Meeting the Breath: 30 Mins

    • 3.07 Guided Audio Practice: Feet, Seat, Meet & Greet: 14 mins

    • 3.08 Poetry On Breath

  • 5

    Module/Week 4: Conscious Commitment to Breath

    • 4.01 LIVE SEMINAR + Q&A Monday May 4th

    • 4.02 Mindful Yoga Class Recording

    • 4.03 Guided Meditation Recording

    • 4.04 Talk With Slides

    • 4.05 Guided Pranayama & Chakra Meditation

    • mhm level 1 week 4.2.pdf

    • 4.06 Music For "Fight Or Flight" Stress Release

  • 6

    Closing Session

    • 5.01 Closing Session: Full Practice (90 mins)

    • 5.02 Poetry From Our Closing Session

    • 5.03 Guided Audio Practice: Offering Gratitude To Body (20 Mins)

    • 5.04 Guided Audio Practice: Basic Mindfulness of Body & Breath (23 Mins)

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