Gentle Vinyasa Flow

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Summer Solstice 20th - 22nd June 2021

My Solstice Offering:

 - Book Next Live Class €11

 - Get instant access to Solstice Preparation Practice : Available Now

 - Try it indoors and out during this week

- Receive bonus 'Earth-Light Meditation on Sunday'  Best practiced at Sunset on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday

 - Join Monday online Live class 8.30pm for more solstice moves and meditations.

 - Sunset each day 10.11pm

Regular Gentle Vinyasa Sessions

This is a vinyasa class with a gentle approach. We use concepts from subtle body anatomy (SBA) and structural awareness techniques (SAT) to enhance the effectiveness of the vinyasa practice. Releasing tension, improving mobility and developing resilience to injury.

The focus is to activate rather than ‘work’ the body.

Each move and breath will be explained as we flow.  A gentle progression and keen attention to detail will provide each person with the potential to progress their practice if that is your intention.   Each week one of the core elements of a vinyasa yoga practice will be shared. You will become familiar with alignment and sequencing that will bring your practice to a new level of understanding.  We will finish each session with a meditative relaxation that will allow your body and mind to fully absorb all the benefits of the practice.

This is a floor based mat practice with no experience required. A perfect starting place for those new to yoga or just looking for a gentle practice. Also a great way to layer in foundations of understanding for those with past yoga experience.

A 360 view of the vinyasa flow system is further enhanced by layering from Structural Awareness Training and Subtle Body Training.  All of this is relayed through joyful movement in Blaithin's usual style of providing an uplifting yet soothing experience while offering practical and useful insights to the benefits of the practice.  Giving you the tools you need to understand why you practice while you practice.

Go with the Gentle Flow

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Included in this Series

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  • 1

    Gently Prepare

    • 1. What to Expect and What You'll Need

    • 2. How to Clear Your Space

    • 3. Prepare Yourself for Rest and Afterthoughts

  • 2




    • Afterthoughts

Meet Bláithín

Co-Founder and Lead Teacher

Bláithín Sweeney

On Our Live Schedule, Bláithín teaches both Gentle and Dynamic Vinyasa Flow. She offers courses and workshops in a variety of other areas. More about Bláithín below.