Workshop Description

The intention for this workshop is to introduce formal mindfulness meditation practices in a way that is accessible and relatable. In order that this wisdom be fully embodied, we use the techniques of hatha yoga to open the body and breath to the possibility of liberation from both conscious and unconscious tightness and tension.

To the degree that we are able, we use yoga postures and movements to investigate the mindfulness teachings in and through the body and breath. We discover that an expectation of or desire for perfection in poses or leads to a sense of dissatisfaction and self-critique, as does the idea that we “achieve” the immediate results we think we should feel. So, we invite a letting go of such demands and instead look to cultivate a sense of interest and friendly curiosity towards patterns of holding and release in the breath and patterns of felt sensation in the body. We then explore the relationship between these patterns of body and breath to patterns of thought and feeling in the mind heart.

These exploration will take place in both moving meditations and in stillness. The stillness will be a mixture of restorative yoga poses and formal seated, standing and lying down meditation.


This workshop serves as an short introduction to a longer course on movement and mindfulness which will commence the week of Feb 8th 2021

What You Need

Props Needed*  A Yoga Mat, 2 blocks, a yoga strap/belt/scarf, I Bolster and/or 2 pillows,  2/3 blankets, 2 cushions, an eye pillow or soft eye covering (soft scarf or towel), and a chair.

If you do not have all these items, don't worry, you can still get benefit, but they are helpful for the restorative.  You probably have some of the following at home substitutes for yoga props

Instead of blocks-to bring ground closer, use tinned soup, beans etc

Instead of blocks-to sit on, wrap some hard back books of similar size together

Instead of bolster-to recline on, wrap two pillows around a rolled up yoga mat

Instead of bolster-to support under knees, use couch cushions or rolled up yoga mat with pillow/blanket

Instead of blankets-use towels (biggest ones you have)

Instead of eye pillow/eye bag, use a soft scarf


Making a Mindful Move towards You

Access for 1 Week or 1 Month

Workshop Contents

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    Moving Into Mindfulness

    • 1. What To Expect and What You'll Need

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    • 3. Follow Up Materials: Poems by Mary Oliver

    • 4. Follow Up Materials: Chant for LovingKindness Infusion