What to Expect

The teachings of Yoga do not belong to the teacher, the teachings are merely being passed on, for you to use to benefit your mind and your body.   This workshop gives you the tools you need to make each practice your very own favourite practice.

This workshop is suitable for both teachers and students looking to gain an insight to themes and gain a better understanding of ‘why we practice’.  You will learn how stress is released through the breath, how to ground yourself and what ‘grounding yourself’ actually means. On a physical level you will gain a better understanding of the mechanics of your hips and how to enhance your hips range of motion.  You will learn which postures aid digestion and boost metabolism and how to facilitate the heart and lungs to function more efficiently.

The over-arching theme of this workshop however is how we use the practice to calm the mind.   Providing you with tools of awareness such as breath, balance, focal point and enteroception.  These tools can be used to make any practice mindful so we can re-train our minds to be at peace with the moment it is in.  

You can approach this workshop as an eager learner, following and repeating as often as you like and maybe even taking notes.  Or you can simply indulge in the guided practice enjoying the explanations of why we flow as we go. We will finish with a supported Savasana as your mind surrenders to relaxation and your body absorbs the benefits of the practice.

What you will Need

A Yoga mat

2 Blocks

A bolster

2 blankets

2hrs for Yourself.

Build your knowledge as you flow

Access for 1 Week or 1 Month

Workshop Contents

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    The Elements of Yoga

    • 1. What to expect and What you will Need


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