Dynamic Vinyasa Flow

Regular Dynamic Vinyasa Sessions

A dynamic practice designed to bring you to the next level in your vinyasa practice.  Each class embodies the heat of a dynamic vinyasa flow practice whilst also touching on structural awareness and subtle body aspects.  We build heat to release tension and peel away the life layers that shield you from your most awesome inner self.  

Some yoga experience is required, or a good fitness level that will allow you to maintain a steady pace and still absorb new information. Each practice will start gently and build to a more dynamic flow, using the breath to pace the practice and aiming to find rhythm in even the simplest of moves.  We will finish as always with a meditative relaxation that will allow your body and mind to fully absorb all the benefits of the practice.


Develop a Dynamic Flow

4 Recordings to choose from, try each one or repeat your favorites as often as you wish.

Meet Bláithín

Co-Founder and Lead Teacher

Bláithín Sweeney

On Our Live Schedule, Bláithín teaches both Gentle and Dynamic Vinyasa Flow. She offers courses and workshops in a variety of other areas. More about Bláithín below.