Dynamic Flow Yoga

8 Recorded Practices Available for 6 Months

Combining the style of Vinyasa Flow practice with Subtle Body Yoga, in this dynamic class you will move, breath and come in your body . Utilising the Vinyasa Sun Salutations to link postures together to form threads or mini sequences in a progressive yet strong dynamic practice that encourages the student to move according to their own edge. 

This class is a fast moving dynamic class, the emphasis is on engaged action. Drawing on the Vinyasa Yoga system where one pose leads to another and we finish with a very short shavasana

‘ It’s important to me that people know it’s possible to have  a sweet practice even if you don't have much time, you can achieve a breath and movement connection with a specific theme such shoulders or hips.  When I’m teaching this class I have in mind a person with a busy life looking for a short, focused practice.’

These sessions are suitable for mixed levels with a little experience recommended. Those looking to develop breath and movement awareness and enhance physical strength, mobility and body suppleness

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    Dynamic Supports

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    Dynamic Vinyasa Flow Practices

    • Dynamic Vinyasa Flow :: Session 1

    • Dynamic Vinyasa Flow :: Session 2

    • Dynamic Vinyasa Flow :: Session 3

    • Dynamic Vinyasa Flow :: Session 4

    • Dynamic Vinyasa Flow :: Session 5

    • Dynamic Vinyasa Flow :: Session 6

    • Dynamic Vinyasa Flow :: Session 7

    • Dynamic Vinyasa Flow :: Session 8

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