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Yoga Connects You to Yourself and To Community. Let's Thrive Together!

Anois Yoga holds the value and power of community as a guiding principle. The sense of connection and belonging that comes from feeling part of an active and responsive community brings warmth and light to the spirit. We need that more than ever during these Level Five Restrictions.

At Anois Yoga, we are eager to include everyone in that warm embrace of community, especially our seniors, or “wisdom warriors,” a term we’d like to use in honour of their years of life experience and invaluable insights on the ups and downs of this human journey! With this inclusion in mind, we are launching Anois Yoga Community Chair Yoga for Seniors.

No charge & no commitments so why not give it a go?  

Clear the tech hurdle with a "Yoga Tech Buddy"


We know that taking yoga online works for many but for some in the older generation, the technology is intimidating and it can feel less accessible. Obviously, everyone is different and some seniors are adept and comfortable with online access. However, for those who’d like assistance and/or who’d like some company for the yoga class, we are suggesting a Yoga Tech Buddy System. 


What’s a Yoga Tech Buddy?

  1. A Yoga Tech Buddy is a friend, family member or carer for a senior who is already part of their protective bubble in accordance with the level 5 restrictions.
  2. A Yoga Tech Buddy will take care of the Tech hurdles, creating the free user account with Anois Yoga, a free Zoom account, and then logging in their Buddy each time for a class (or recording).
  3. The Yoga Tech Buddy will hopefully stay for a cuppa and a chat afterwards.


What’s Needed

  1. We are an online yoga studio, so you’ll need access to the internet (wifi). If a senior does not have wifi in their home, a Yoga Tech Buddy might supply their buddy with internet access through a hotspot on their smartphone or they may have access to a portable router or dongle.
  2. We are an online yoga studio, so you’ll need access to a device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone). If a senior does not have a device, a Yoga Tech Buddy might have a suitable device.
  3. You need to have a zoom account—it’s fast and it’s free! This is also something a Yoga Tech Buddy can help with. Click this link to open your free zoom account
  4. No yoga equipment needed, just a stable chair with a firm seat (typical dining chair is perfect).
  5. The classes are free so no payment of any kind is required but you do need to sign up to a free Anois Yoga user account.


How to Get Started

  1. You can enrol anytime by clicking the yellow button in the banner picture at the top of the page.
  2. You’ll be invited to create your free user account-it's quick and easy!
  3. Once you have a user account, each time you sign in, you'll be brought to your "student dashboard" where you'll see the course card for the class
  4. Click on this card anytime you want to join the live class or view the recording and follow the instructions you'll find there. 
  5. If you are planning on attending the live class, please aim to sign in each Tuesday from 10:45am so that we have time to get connected, settled in and can start at 11am and enjoy the fullness of our time together!

So, if you are a senior, we'd love you to join us! If you're not comfortable with the technology, talk to the someone who is in your bubble and ask if they can be your Yoga Tech Buddy. 

If you are a friend, family member or carer for a senior in a bubble during these level five restrictions, consider talking to them about our chair yoga classes to see if it would be something they’d enjoy. 

Perhaps you know someone who is a carer; if so share this with them!  Here is a PDF with the main points of our chair yoga programme so you can share the information with someone who might be interested, a senior or a potential Yoga Tech Buddy

 chair yoga with anoisyoga info document.pdf

Do you work in a Care facility for Seniors? If so, we'd love you to benefit from this offering. Join for live classes or use the recordings to guide your group whenever suits your schedule. 

Please enrol using yellow button in banner at the top of the page. Enrol your facility using one authorised facility representative as the named user account holder. This may be someone who will act as Yoga Tech Buddy or not, but this person must be authorised to assume responsibility on behalf of the facility. 

Then you must email with the following:
  • The name of your facility.
  • The name of the user account holder (the person who created the account).
  • The name of the designated Yoga Tech Buddy or Buddies (if that is different from the user account holder)
  • The names of the people in your care who will be participating.
  • Confirmation that you have read the T&Cs, and are assuming full responsibility for the safety of the seniors in your care.

We look forward to sharing yoga with you and those in your care :)

Yoga has enormous benefits and connection has enormous benefits—let’s bring these benefits to our seniors as well as to ourselves. Chairing is caring!

If you and/or your Yoga Tech Buddy have any questions, contact 

we'll be delighted to hear from you and happy to help! 

Class Contents

These are not Clickable links--access is through your Student Dashboard once you Enrol

  • 1

    Chairing is Caring | Community Chair Yoga For Seniors

    • 1. What to Expect and What You'll Need

    • 2. CLICK HERE FOR LIVE CLASS Tuesday 20th April 11am

    • 3. click here ALL Recordings

    • 4. Poetry

    • 5. DONATION Information