What to Expect

The Monthly Community Catch Up is an opportunity for Members to catch over zoom for a conversation.  These events are hosted by the Anois Yoga Teachers who will be there to keep the conversation going but its not a practice or a lecture, more an open chat.  You can zoom in from home, on the go, or even outdoors;-)

Each month we offer a theme to guide the conversation, choosing a lens of yoga to view our lives through.  The theme for example can be Ahimsa, which means non-violence.  Non-violence can be discussed in relation to our thoughts, our actions, and our words. And we can practice non-violence in our relationship with others but more importantly in our relationship with ourselves.  

When having a conversation around Ahimsa we might ask are there areas in your life or has there been a 'situation' recently that you would like to gain clarity about by looking at it through the lens of Ahimsa.

The most important aspect of these lenses is that they are not 'commandments'.  There are no rules on how to live your life only guidelines.  The guidelines are there to give you something to lean against if you feel something is not quite right on your path.  Also when you become familiar with them they can serve as red-flags when they appear in your life, like non-judgmental indicators that it might be time to pause and refocus.

Blaithin shares a few words here on how she views and uses the The Lens of Yoga...

My grandfather was an optician and owned the opticians here in Sligo town, he also owned a pharmacy but that was before my time.  My uncle later  took over the business and I remember as a kid getting fitted for glasses in the old-fashioned way.  There was a very heavy empty glasses frame he’s place on your face and he would add lenses into the frame sometimes up to 3 at a time in front of each eyeball.The he’d adjusted and get you to read the card at the other end of the room until all the lines came into focus.  I was thinking about this lately, about how the outer reality doesn’t change but the lens we view it through does.  And I realised that this is how yoga and yoga beliefs and philosophy have helped me over the years.  

I went to India in 2012 to find a better lens to see the world through, because the one I had was not giving me a version of reality that I could live with.  Or what might actually be a more accurate way to describe that time in hindsight was that the traumatic events I went through gave me incredible clarity and a lot of priorities came into focus.  I instinctively knew that that clarity would fade as life returned to ‘normal’.  The beliefs I had around me were not going to sustain my memory of that vision…so I went to India to find the lenses I needed to maintain that reality in focus. And just like eye sight can be corrected with the right lens adjustment,  I now find I have an intuitive ability to see the truth in most situations,  and when the edges blur, I return to the ancient texts for clarity and insight. It has become an intuitive response for me when ‘situations’ arise to adjust my inner lens so that I can see the truth in the situation. '

Yoga has many lenses to choose from, the ethical guidelines for living called the Yama’s and Niyamas. The Bhagavad Gita, The Koshas and Doshas, the Vayus and Chakras. Each month we will share stories from our own lives of how we used these lenses to help see the truth and make better decisions.  We encourage you to share your stories and we’ll offer what clarity we can from the knowledge we have.  Often it takes a meandering conversation to arrive at the truth of the matter and we invite you to join in.

You can always email you questions ahead of time to give us topics to navigate with, your question can remain anonymous or named;-) 

What You'll Need

Just you, maybe headphone if your on the go and a mug of your favourite hot drop.

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