The Chair Yoga Collection

Designed to de-stess and restore ease of body and mind during difficult times.

We started these community Chair Yoga sessions in November of 2020 to provide support to our community with accessible and soothing practices.  We have selected our favorites and have created a collection that we hope will continue to provide nourishment and relieve the stresses that modern life can generate. 

In these Chair Yoga classes, the intention is to connect with the body and the breath in a friendly and easeful way. We explore gentle movements, mobilising through the main joints, waking up what we call in yoga "the energy body" and promoting a healthy balance of vitality and relaxation.

The emphasis is on bringing a sense of physical and emotional nourishment and wholeness into your experience, so there's no need to push your limits or struggle. At the same time, we will endeavour to connect you with a sense of strength and confidence that will support you in your everyday activities. 

Everyone is encouraged to take breaks when they feel they need to.  To opt out of anything that doesn't feel right and to focus on finding the enjoyment that's possible in each moment when we can tap into our own essential wise and loving nature.

You do not have to remove your shoes for these session, but it is really healthy for your feet (and circulation generally) to practice without shoes. If you get cold feet, it's fine to leave socks on while seated. 

There are some standing exercises with the support of the chair, and if you'd like some extra support for standing, it is helpful to set yourself up near a wall (but not so close as it impedes the free movement of your arms). If standing we will suggest that you take off your socks and be in bare feet where possible. However, please do make the choice that is right for you. 

What Tech info You'll Need

You'll need a zoom account--it's free and easy. If you have not done this already click here to do so.

What Yoga Equipment You'll Need

You'll need a steady chair with a firm seat-- a typical kitchen/dining chair is ideal.

You don't need a yoga mat, but if you have access to one, they provide an excellent non-slip surface for you and your chair. If you do not have one, we recommend doing your class on a carpeted floor for safety.

What else you need

Time for you and your own self-care, we'll be there to guide you.

Donating Forward

Support your own wellbeing with these calming practices. 30% from every purchase is donated to the Havin' a Laugh charity, providing life-enhancng activites to people coming through mental health recovery. (This collection is free to those already in recovery, contact your therapist or key worker for access, further info. via

A Sneak preview of what your collection will look like. Everytime you wish to practice, sign in to your account, click on 'My Dashboard' on top of page and select The Chair Yoga Collection

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    Chair Yoga

    • What to Expect and What You'll Need

  • 2

    Chair yoga Sessions with Bláithín

    • Practice with Bláithín : Session 1

    • Practice with Bláithín : Session 2

    • Practice with Bláithín : Session 3

  • 3

    Chair Yoga Sessions with Louise

    • Practice with Louise : Session 1

    • Practice with Louise : Session 2

    • Practice with Louise : Session 3

  • 4

    Chair Yoga Sessions with Cathi

    • Practice with Cathi : Session 1

    • Practice with Cathi : Session 2

    • Practice with Cathi : Session 3