Aware Aware Aware : Meditation Sessions

These classes are for  absolutely anyone who would like to experience more peace in their day to day lives & not just in the limited time of the class.  The focus of each session is  to aim our attention, through guided meditation, away from the constant engagement with ever changing thoughts and emotions towards the peace filled, always present awareness of them. 

An anchor of calm in an ever changing world. 

So close you can’t see it, So subtle your mind can’t understand it, So simple you can’t believe it, So good you can’t accept it.  Let's change that, session by session, allowing previous limiting beliefs and concepts to dissolve, moving away from the chattering mind  & allowing you to rest back into the calm that was always there.

You can see more about the events and project John G has his hands in on his website John G. Coaching.

Become peacefully aware that you're here...

4 Recordings to choose from, try each one or repeat your favorites as often as you wish.

Meet John

Lead Teacher

John Graham

John has worked one to one with countless clients helping them have more calm, more confidence & more happiness in their lives. Rather than focusing on ever changing thoughts and feelings his prime focus is helping them connect back to the ever present peace filled awareness most people forget about. Most of his work is corporate so its helping take the fluffyness out of something that can have a profound impact on performance. He doesn't quote sanskrit or buddha but instead focusses on a simple, practical approach to get his teachings across to as many people as possible no matter their previous experience.