Alignment Flow Collection

8 Recorded Practices Available for 6 Months

In this approach to Alignment Flow  there is a blend of the attention to detail found in Iyengar yoga and the emphasis on breath and internal energetic alignment found in Ashtanga Vinyasa. It is heavily inspired by Cathi’s training in Anusara Yoga but also draws from the wisdom teachings of the mindfulness tradition. 

‘It is very concerned with what my teacher Judith Lasater calls "Anatomical Reality", and emphasises a safe and sustainable approach to what we ask of our bodies. And at the same time, it also recognises that there is a dynamic life force animating us in each moment through each breath and we want to learn to dance with that aliveness. ‘

Often, when we are in a fully embodied connection with that energy, we can tap into strength we didn't know we had and be emboldened to play and explore the capacities of our bodies, minds and hearts in ways that surprise and inspire us. 

We align with the natural intelligence that grows in our muscles and bones and we flow with the mystery and majesty of each breath. 

This class is mixed level, with modifications offered so each student can honor their individual needs on the day.

You will resonate with this class if you have a thirst for the bigger picture of yoga while at the same time enjoy a dynamic and enlivening physical practice. Our motto, again taken from teacher Judith Lasater is “embrace challenge-drop struggle!”

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    Supporting Alignment

    • 1. 01 What to Expect & What You'll Need

    • 1.02 Basic Breathing Practice

    • 1.03 Basic Warm Up

    • 1.04 VIDEO: How to Make Your Own Props from Home

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    Alignment Flow Practices

    • Alignment Flow 1 :: Building Bridges--Sustainable Backbends!

    • Alignment FLow 2 :: Wild Thing! A Joyful Expression of Aliveness

    • Alignment Flow 3 :: Connecting with Power To Act! Strength In The Arms & Legs

    • Alignment Flow 4 :: Embodying The Essential Pulsation of Life:

    • Alignment Flow 5 :: Virabhadra--The Stories & Poses of the Warrior

    • Alignment Flow 6 :: Balancing Courage & Care--Half Moon Backbend!

    • Alignment Flow 7 :: Keeping Buoyant and Balanced in Body and Mind--Half Moon Pose

    • Alignment Flow 8 :: Embodying The Divine Song--Exploring The Bhagavad Gita

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Cathi Murphy

On Our Live Schedule, Cathi teaches Mindful Yoga and Meditation, and Alignment Flow. She offers courses and workshops in a variety of other areas. Read Cathi's full bio below