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Let Life Live Through You

Begin Your Journey of Alignment Flow Yoga

Contentment is life living through you.
Joy is life living through you.
Satisfaction and strength
 is life living through you

from Hokusai Says by Roger Keyes

Overview Of Beginning Alignment Flow* 

In this course you will be introduced to the fundamentals of Alignment Flow Yoga, a style of hatha yoga that blends 

  • anatomical knowledge & precision
  • the power of dynamic breath-based movement
  • yoga philosophy as it applies to modern living

This combination cultivates not only a sustainable and transformative embodied awareness, but also a confidence in our own capacity to balance stability and mobility on the yoga mat. 

The practice of Alignment Flow Yoga truly empowers us when the embodied awareness, confidence and yoga philosophy travel with us off our yoga mats and permeate our lives, leading to a greater sense of both steadiness and freedom; in our relationships with family, friends and colleagues, and most importantly, in our relationship with our own thoughts and feelings and in our sense of connection to meaning and purpose in this one precious life.

You can choose to move through the course according to one of our two recommended timetables for completion (either 4 month or 6 months) or choose to move entirely at your own pace, making the most of the full 12 months of access you will have to the course upon purchase. 

The Course features video multiple tutorials and one full length flow practice class per module, plus supporting PDFs. Your learning is enhanced by multiple interactive features built into the course platform allowing you to connect with teacher and interact other Beginning Yoga Flow participants. Additonally, the course features a monthly Live Zoom call for Q&A in real time.

For your financial convenience, this 8 module course can be purchased in one payment or spread over 4 monthly payments.

*There are more details on the course content, duration and structure available below. 

Meet your teacher, Cathi Murphy, and get a sneak peek of the course in this excerpt from Module 1: "What Is Alignment Flow?"


I’d Like to Know More About Alignment Flow Yoga

  • On the continuum of yoga styles, some slow and gentle, some more athletic and vigorous, this is somewhere in the middle; a slow but steady rhythmic flow in partnership with an engaged breath. 

  • In alignment flow, the pace of our movement is not propelled by speed and momentum, but rather informed by a steady and spacious breath that allows time for intentional physical and energetic actions

  • So while we seek a pleasurable fluidity of movement, flowing steadily through a sequence or “vinyasa”, we always recognize that each person’s pace will be most wisely informed by their own breath as it is in each moment. Therefore, sometimes we may transition from one pose to the next on one round of breath, while at other times, we may prefer to take two or three breaths to compete the transition. And this may change from day to day and even within the course of a practice session. In other words, we learn to respond appropriately to the present circumstances of body and mind, as revealed through the breath, and not some ideal form we rigidly impose onto our own experience.

  • In recognition that everybody is working with various degrees of freedom and limitation as regards range of motion, modifications will be offered throughout and props will be used so that people can meet themselves where they are and make choices that support a sustainable unfolding of their yoga practice. In this way, participants can dial the intensity of the practice up or down according to their own preferences and find what serves their sense of aligning wise intention with wise action on any given day. 

  • The postural focus is on the classic Sun Salutations Sequence and the main standing postures that usually follow the Sun Salutations in a typical flow-style class. Overall the physical postures and sequences are both strengthening and invigorating building resilience and balancing energy but that is always complemented with a deeply relaxing and restorative restful pose at the end of practice.

  • While you will certainly learn specifics of individual yoga poses and by then end will have learned sequences you can keep in your yoga tool kit for years to come, the emphasis in this course is on teaching you underlying principles so that you will understand something of the repeating underlying structures of yoga poses and why we order them as we do in the various sequences. The overall intention is to provide you with a solid foundation in alignment flow yoga so that you will emerge from this course empowered to apply anatomical, energetic and philosophical principles and engage confidently with whatever you encounter as your yoga explorations continue into the future.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Ideal for absolute Beginning Yoga students
  • Great for those returning after some time away from practice
  • Perfect for those who would like a refresher, particularly in the key aspects of anatomical alignment.
  • Excellent for those seeking to learn more about yoga philosophy and weave it into lives in practical ways.
  • It can also serve as a teaching tool for newer yoga teachers who might like to see how things are broken down for beginning students.

I'd Like To Know More About The Course Structure

The course will be released on Feb 1st 2021 when the first module materials become available and every two weeks after that date, another module will be released. However, you can purchase and begin AT ANY TIME after that date.

 Each Module contains

  • A welcome text lesson with an outline of the theme for that module and a timetable for completion of content for that module
  • A number of video tutorials that each break down a particular aspect of that module’s learning
  • One full flow practice that puts together all the elements explored in the tutorials
  • A suggested Spotify playlist for those who enjoy music while they practice
  • Occasional supplementary pictures, references, poems and other relevant textual materials.

What is The Duration of This Course?

Overall, the course is designed so that you can choose either of the suggested schedule for completion options:

Schedule Option 1:     2 weeks per module, completes full course in 4 months

Schedule Option 2:     3 weeks per module, completes full course in 6 months

However, the course is available to all for 12 months from purchase so you are absolutely free to find your own pace and work through the material as you wish. 

This means that whether you are a student who appreciates a lot of structure and a clear timetable for completion, or a student who prefers more freedom to set your own pace, this course works for you. 

How Much Interaction Is There With The Teacher and With Other Students?

There are three ways you can interact with your teacher and other students.

  1. There will be scheduled live Q&A sessions on Zoom to give students a chance to ask questions in real time (one per month from February – May 2021, and again in time period September-December 2021 dates TBA. Students in the June-August Time can benefit from access to edits of recorded Q&A calls during Feb-May time period). Wherever you are in the course content, you are welcome to join in each call and can ask about any aspect of the course. You can email questions to the teacher ahead of time or just ask your questions on the day of the live call. 
  2. The Anois Yoga learning platform allows for interaction through a discussion feature within each lesson. You can post your comment/question as it arises when you are watching the videos and it will be sent to the teacher who will respond to you in due time (usually within 48 hours, often sooner).
  3. All students in the course will be invited to join the Beginning Alignment Flow Yoga Community Forum, a safe and secure online chat area within the Anois Yoga Platform that is specifically designed for you to meet and share ideas and experiences with others. It will be exclusively for participants in the Beginning Alignment Yoga students—a great way to create connection and find encouragement for home learning and practice! 


If you have any further questions about this course, please email cathi@anoisyoga.com with Beginning Yoga Flow in the Subject line.

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Meet Your Teacher

For Beginning Alignment Flow Yoga


Cathi Murphy

On Our Live Schedule, Cathi teaches Mindful Yoga and Meditation, and Alignment Flow. She offers courses and workshops in a variety of other areas. Read Cathi's full bio below