Why Go For A Quickie?

With modern life as it is there are expectations to to work efficiently, multi-task and manage all around you.  The additional expectation to be positive, courteous and also include self-care in your daily routine can just seem like added pressure. Yoga Quickies are the answer!

We have 9 Yoga Quickies to cover you for yoga, morning, noon and night!  We've suggested times of day but any session can be taken at anytime. Ranging from 10-35 minutes, they are designed to energise, de-stress or unwind as you need. Ideal for yoga at home or remote working.

There are three reasons  why Yoga Quickies are so potent.

The Quick Fix The first secret is that you don't NEED to spend hours on your mat or in meditation to to be able to tick the box of have done your self-care.   Depending on how much time you have or what mood you are in you can use a yoga-quickie to bring you back into your body. Even 10 minutes can serve to release tension, refocus your mind and return you to your day feeling refreshed and motivated to meet whatever arises.

Preventative Maintenance The second secret is that in order to be highly functional we typically bring our nervous system in to the fight-or-flight mode, this is when we create and store tension.   A yoga quickie, whether to start your day, on a tea break or at the end of the day, can release the trapped tension as it builds.  This means that when you are having your day off, you get to fully enjoy and be present in that time without carrying the stress of the working week with you.

Long Term Health Benefits For whichever reason you are dipping in to a quickie, know this ... practicing a little but often might be how you practice your whole life, and if that's it, well done and keep going. The long term benefits of regularly releasing stress from your body include; improved cardio-health, improved immune function, regulated digestive function, clearer thinking and development of problem-solving skills ... to name but a few of the more powerful effects.

If all you've got is 10 mins...take it, your future you will thank you.

Lifetime access--no expiration!


These are not Clickable links but an overview of what the enrolment offers. Access is through your Student Dashboard

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    • The Benefits of a Quickie

  • 2

    10 Minute Classes

    • 1. 10min Rise & Shine with Cathi

    • 3. 10min Joint Rotations with Louise

    • 2. 10min Energiser with Bláithín

  • 3

    20 Minute Classes

    • 1. 20min Flow & Go with Cathi

    • 3. 20min Restorative Yoga with Louise

    • 2. 20min Destress and Refocus with Bláithín

  • 4

    30-35 Minute Classes

    • 1. 35min Evening Unwind with Cathi

    • 3. 30min Subtle Body Flow with Louise

    • 2. 30min Burn Off the Day with Bláithín