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Last class goes Live Wed Feb 23rd, recordings available until March 31st

Introductory Talk with Bláithín


Live Classes Finish Wednesday 23rd February

Everyone who signs up will get access to all classes and talks included in the challenge. See Bonus Sessions Below

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BONUS Session: Cacao Ceremony & Gift from Carolanne

Treat yourself to a Cacao Ceremony facilitated by Carolanne. This went Live on Tuesday 1st February 7pm and recording is available now for you to follow whenever your NOW happens.

Cacao is a potent ceremonial beverage that on a metaphysical level serves as a tool for connecting to the energetic space of your heart, as well as to people around you:-) Carolanne guides you into the heart-connection and how to use this sacred drink to set intentions. Imbolc marks the point where we are coming out of dream-time and feeling into what seeds are asking to be nurtured. Remember for now, we are still in dreamtime, so allow your imagination to wander and dream all the dreams your soul desires. The energy of Imbolc continues until the Spring Equinox in March. Have a listen to this track from Alan Watts: Dream COPY/PASTE You can pick up Cacao in your local health food store or in Sweet Beat Cafe Sligo town.

Bláithín Dooley: Personal Coach and Nutritionist

A BONUS TALK on Monday 17th January (45mins) Recording Available Now

Setting yourself up for Success In this bonus session Bláithín will talk about the goals you might be setting for the coming weeks and will shed some light around creating new habits and the positives outcomes of accountability. Healthy eating tips will include information we all know but need reinforcing at this time of year. In addition there will be some insights into making healthy food choices and what is intuitive eating? You'll take away from that talk some tools to use if you fall off-plan. How to calm your inner critic, shrug it off, even laugh it off, and move on😉. Bláithín will be joining us again towards the end of the 7 Weeks to see how everyone got on, answer any questions and offer advice for going forward into the next season😉
Bláithín Dooley

Bonus Material

All Challengers will have access to this additional recorded Vinyasa Series with Bláithín

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The Havin' a Laugh Charity is Sligo based charity that serves Sligo, Donegal, Leitrim, Mayo and Roscommon. The charitable service is the provision of activity vouchers to people coming through mental health recovery and the creation of uplifting events to promote the life enhancing activities available in our locality. The charity is 100% volunteer run and relies solely on public funding.

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