What's in The Moon Access Package

Live Classes Re-launch September 20th. Sign up now and no further booking required. Get instant access to the on-demand library so you can dive-in to the recorded collections and find the style that suits you this season.

  • Access to all live classes on the timetable.

  • Access to all recordings of live classes available 24/7

  • Access to the full On-Demand Library

  • Library includes collections from each teacher and compilations such as Yoga-Quickies, Yoga-Essentials and Chair Yoga.

  • Lens of Yoga :: Monthly Live Community Catch-Up

  • Sign Up now and get 10 Days free and 15% off your first month or 15% off the Full Series.

Use Coupon 'NewStart15' at Checkout

  • Monthly Access starts with 10 Day Free Trial. Sign Up now using coupon code 'NewStart15' at checkout.  Get 10 Days Free and 15% Off Your First months payment, reduced from €39 to €33.15  (<€9.50/week for 12 weeks, unsubscribe anytime).

  • One-Time Payment for full 3 month Autumn/Winter Series : Sign Up now using coupon code 'NewStart15' at checkout. Get 15% off full series, payment reduced from €144 to €122.40 (<€10.50/week for 12 weeks).

A Sneak Preview of what Your 'Dashboard' will look like when you Sign Up

Everytime you want to practice you will return to 'my dashboard' to get started;-)

How best to make use of your 10 day trial

  • Over the 10 days you can try all teachers and styles of yoga available. Browse the collections in the on-demand library and dip in to the most recent recordings from the last Live series.
  • When you have found the classes that suit your  needs then you can join in on any of your preferred classes in the Autumn series, no further booking required.  
  • Through the Autumn/Winter Series all Anois Yoga teachers work with themes that develop from week to week so you get to build your understanding of yoga as your body adapts.
  • This access renews monthly and your first billing happens after your 10 day trial ends. No contract, unsubscribe at any time.  

Once signed Up you'll get instant access to the On-Demand Library of recorded collections. Get started with these complimentary recordings now and be in the zone for live classes come Sept. 20th.  If NOW feels right for you, you've got what you need to get in to your flow.  

Looking for more, try our SUN Access Package...